My cuts project

These 7 women with Chador (our traditional woman’s costume), are symbols of energetic but static persons. They can’t use their potential, either because of their own inner blocks or because of the society they live in. So they always live inside their shell, inside their camouflage which is protecting them from outside and as a result they have no way to expose these energies.These cuts are the scars made by themselves and the society. They accept all of these. They say nothing, trying to maintain their dignity and they keep on looking outside. But I am an optimist person, I’ve left a narrow way out for their potential. The paper that has been used is a A3 paper which is printed with a photocopier with low quality. For the installation exhibition, papers are distanced from the wall and they are attached to the wall with two pins. They move easily with every movement by any person who is passing by. This fragility to me is a symbol of their frail and weak existence. For each of them, one blade that has been used for the cuts is hung on the wall. For Iranians, number 7 is a lucky number. Is a symbol of the Universe and fertility, which are basic aspects of a woman.